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dis is meh forst post. I made new video, Im not able to post it here since it uses unlicensed audio so if you wanna check it out, check it on my YT. Here ye go : Villain speeches

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Need VA's, Artist, and Musicians For MK1 story spoof

iu_1088018_9962856.webpHey, Im looking For Some VAs, Background Artist, and at least 2 musicians for this Mortal Kombat Project Im making. This will be a 6 or 7 episode since it will take longer to make the whole story in one video. Mortal Kombat in a few words or so Series is a parody series while still telling the story of the new game Mortal Kombat 1. There are so many characters so if you wanna play more then one, go ahead. I might need some back ground artist since I will be doing the most of the Animation and editing. So here are the requirements (mb coulda done that first):

  • I will need Some voice actors(Again theres a lot so you could pick the minimum of 2)
  • Background artist ( I may not have time to do the backgrounds since it might eat more time so I will need some help)
  • Music ( I can't make Music sadly)
  • At least 13 and up

If you didn't get picked for any of the voices, its fine. If you stay you could be listed as a supporter of the Project and will be credited aswell.

Btw I will not be paying anyone for this since this is just a fun collaboration.

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To join, just dm me on my NG page or My Discord (@spazticsquid) and I will Invite you to The MKP discord server.

thank you for your Time! - Squidgly